Watercolor wolf

Hey, now at least I am going to do a real blog post! Do you believe it? No, really I am sorry, to let this blog slide a bit but I got a surprise, a new water color picture and two bookmarks. There is also going to be a change of plans, I am going to write the posts mostly in English as it is a lot faster to do it this way. I will still write the German version for some German only books or if someone asks for it.

Let us come to the picture. I really like animals in general but I have always been fascinated by wolves. They are so mystical and wild in their own way but also still have these similarities with the dogs (at least in their loyalty). I think that I somehow get the feeling for watercolors and I am happy to spent money for better paper and brushes. I used some new techniques that I have seen in videos on YouTube and I love the outcome. Also, I am fond of these star constellations in the sky, made with a silver gel pen. Additionally to that, I made two bookmarks, one with a bird and one with something else (it is hard to describe, like a sky in a circle that drops and I ruined at the end?). These picture will be a gift and I hope the one who receives it likes it as much as I do. Then, see you soon! (hopefully,  I still have not forgotten 
the already planned out posts that I just need to finish)

The following is not blog relevant and got nothing to do with the topic, it is just something personal. I had a good friend or at least I thought about her this way. But then there happened something. I do not want to go into detail but it has not been the first time she pulled something like this. I should have realized sooner though there were good times that mostly she was bad for my health and spirit. I just clung to the hope that it will get better and that she did not know what she was doing back then but I know better know. Sometimes you need to fall more than once to find out the truth, to look behind the mask and to see through the act. I believe she realized by now that I will end our friendship and she tried to calm me but I am sorry. Even the kindest soul has its limits. And somehow I am relieved about it, I never realized the pressure she put on me and that she stopped me from going on. I can just say that it is true that you should let the people go that won’t contribute to your health, the ones who do not know the real you and who never wanted to. I know now how hard this decision is because you cannot forget the good times but just think about this one question: “is it worth it?”. My answer is no. It probably never was. I need to say goodbye. I do not know if everyone will understand that simple truth because they are not me. 

I am sorry for this little more ethical input, but I needed to tell it to someone, even before I will tell her. And I also hope that it will help you one day to not wait as long as I did. Thanks for listening to this!


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