I am a german girl who just wants to have fun with her blog, so please be gentle.I think I already mentioned it … I love dogs. I mean, I have one myself and I cannot think of a life without her. Music, drawing, painting and reading a book mean a world to me, as I love to be creative. I am a PAINTer after all. (Try to get that reference;) ) I also like my friends. At least most times. I am a fan of unknown and different stories, mostly when they are made to confuse people. But I also fall for stories that make you laugh or touch you emotionally. I admire good artists, uninteresting in which style the draw/paint/do their art.

about the Blog: I am just going to start this as a new hobby and I will see how this is going! I am mostly going to write reviews about some books, show some of my art and some things I just want to talk about. It is hard to get yourself motivated to post regularly and not with like 3 months space in between. I am sorry for it …