Ash – Elemental series book 6

Ash is placed between Windburn and Rootbound but it is recommended to read after Rootbound. I would also advise you to read this review after reading Rootbound. I will do a review about this book series later on when I reread the book series (it is on my to-do-list).

  • review of the English Kindle version

“For that, the heart beats on, gaining in strength as it gained in purpose.”

The book begins with an old tale of the elemental world that in somehow reflects the actions and feelings that this book brings forth. The story continues at Lark’s banishment and is written from Ash’s point of view. Rootbound left me with a lot of new questions and after I knew about Larkspur’s time in between, I also wanted to know what happened to the rest of the elemental world. I believe that the story will be relevant for the following books and I got some new theories…

I really loved this insight into Ash’s feelings and his bond to Peeta. You also get to know a lot about his past and Shannon surprised me a lot there. I also loved the new character Norm that appears in this book, he kinda reminds me of Alex (and Alex was one of my favorite characters in the Rylee Adamson series). Even though you knew the outcome of this book, it was impossible to guess the twists that the author added.

Though we get some new pieces to add to this puzzle of a story, we are still far away from solving it. Where the book brought clearness, it also brought more confusion.

Shannon Mayer stayed true to herself. Even when covering serious topics, she is able to make you feel with the characters and laugh at their mistakes. Her books always leave me with an amazing impression. Her characters never really have an easy time and need to deal with problems very often. Even so, they still find the motivation to stand up again and go on when they fell down. Whenever I read one of Shannon Mayer’s books I just want to his encouraging feeling to last forever. (And that is the reason why I start reading just another one of her books…) I really learned to appreciate this feeling while reading a book for school: “The Five People You Meet In Heaven” that always left me feeling  depressed and sad.

In the end, I can just recommend this book especially for the fans of this book series. Though Lark is not the main character this time, it is still worthwhile reading. I have fallen for the characters, the love and the story twists that the author filled the book with. I hope that she will be faster writing the next books. (I know that she already is pretty fast but nevertheless, I want it now ;))

to Shannon Mayer: Greetings from Germany! Keep on writing, I love your books!


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