Book review: Destroyer (The Elementals Series #8)

Picture source:  Goodreads

I delayed reading this book, I procrastinated… Because knowing this will be the last book of a series and knowing that you will read the last from a certain character is somehow frightening. Nevertheless, I did it.

Shannon Mayer left the both last books (as both Ash and Rootbound are important for the following story) with quite a cliffhanger. She closed the series with a lot of emotions in it, sharing heartfelt affection and sadness with the reader and characters. The story contains all of the twists Shannon has to offer, going through all the possibilities a writer has. The twists recreate the story, the characters you thought of as enemies return as friends and otherwise. And exactly that is what reconnects every loose thread you had on the way, what returns some of the doubtful questions in your mind with clear answers. Another point I loved about this end is the way it is delivered, the author does not just end it, she makes it fitting through letting Lark meet with every important person on her journey and in so far saying goodbye to all. There is just one thing I criticize: Lark always needed to fight her way through life and her life never was straight or easy. In my opinion, these fights between Lark and her enemies sometimes went too smoothly and easy for her which did not match the excitement the reader had.

All in all, I have also fallen in love with this series again and I just love Lark. There is nothing failing this book, it is just an epic and fitting end for Larkspur.


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