Book review: Keystone (Crossbreed Series #1)

author: Dannika Dark, English eBook version (Kindle), 310 pages, published: 15th of January 2017

Hey guys! There will probably be a lot of book reviews in the next time because I do not have enough free time to paint, this is because I do a placement for two weeks. I hope you can enjoy these too!

As you can see, I tried out a new series with this book. This one is about a crossbreed, a mixture between mage and vampire. Her name is Raven Black aka Shadow, as she is a rogue who kills criminal supernaturals. Through her unknown existence and her difficult situation as a crossbreed that is unwanted in the supernatural community, she is homeless and without work as a möney and food supply. When a man asks her to join his team she is happy to try out this new job but just working with her vampire partner is gonna be a challenge.

I wanted this book as a sweet filler book with a beautiful cover, I did not really expect something that is will change my view of the world or experiments with my mind. Nevertheless, I still had higher hopes for this book. For instance, the main character seems unreal. It is revealed in the story that she has no real fighting experience and her high killing count is more because of luck and unreal things she made herself believe in. Even more so, she has deceptive expectations of herself and cannot nearly assess her own skills. Mixed together with a changing behavior that is quite confusing for the reader, the main character turns from a relatable character to something the reader cannot understand in her actions and way of thinking. I believe that even though the base idea of this book is not something new, it has unused potential. This book surely was not one of the worst I had read but was not so good that I believe to ever read it again.



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