A little something in between

Hey guys! Yeah I know that I forgot to post anything last week. I just do not have something prepared even though summer holidays just began. But do not worry, the next ones will be shorter but I am optimistic for the following ones. I will start with reviewing some books that I read some time ago, so the reviews won’t be as detailed as usual. I hope you can live with that, while I preproduce for the following weeks.

The selection trilogy 

This is actually a well known book series where even the ebook is expensive (7,99€ like the paper version). Actually, the summary never spiked my interest and the price was too much for that. In the end I found a cheaper way and I was quite happy about that. (I always want to pay for the things I love as I know that this will support the artist/author). The problem with this trilogy (I know that there are more books out now but I still believe that the main story is told in three books.) is the story. The main focus of the story lies in the very obvious love triangle. Something like this can be interesting in a side plot and even then, just when the outcome is unknown or unpredictable for the reader. That is not the case in this series though. Here even just the titles will indicate the outcome making the story feel uninteresting and stretched. Next to that, every side plot and conflict that creates a bit of excitement is gonna get resolved easily and more in the way of “everything just magically is gonna get beautiful”. Therefore, the book lacks in depth. My expectations on this trilogy were not met and I was happy to not actually have bought it. There are so many more wonderful books out there than that.

The slated trilogy (Teri Terry)

This one was a recommendation from my best friend. First of all, this book has a really inventive story idea, something new and unique. And next, the author has an incredible writing style, making the reader thrilled. One of her special traits is to play around with the readers mind and filling her books with a lot of turning points. In this trilogy she experiences with the thought of deleting a child’s or teen’s memory, if they got criminal and therefore believing that the kids nurture is quite important. The story develops in a definitely not straight way, the plot takes turns, changes and surprises the reader more than once. Things you see as set will move in the opposite direction, you will find your way into wondering “what is the reality?”. I love this trilogy for this and can only recommend it to others!


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