Lynchpin (A Rylee Adamson Epilogue Book 4)

  • review of the English Kindle version

“I learned what it means to be a part of a family. You never give up on each other. Even at the end if it looks like there is no way out, you stand with those who are part of your life.”

Mayer, Shannon. Lynchpin (A Rylee Adamson Epilogue Book 4) (Kindle-Positionen 810-811). Hijinks Ink Publishing. Kindle-Version.

Let’s come to a new book from Shannon Mayer. (I will also do Hisses & Honey after reading it again.)

This book marks the end of the Rylee Adamson series as such though the characters will still appear in some other series or get one of their own. I always adored Alex as one of the characters in this series but I could not really imagine how a full book will be like. The best way to describe it is to say it was surprising. Alex never was the main character and he changed greatly through the series. Nevertheless, his full background story and his reasons for becoming the Lynchpin were never told. So this is now his story, showing his development and his future cause. The Veil has a lot of challenges ready for him and through them, he learns a lot more about himself and what the future will hold. In my opinion, this book concludes this series just right, letting the characters stay true to themselves and giving the readers a glimpse into the future and realizing that new trials will arrive. It compares the current Alex to the one he was in the past and shows where he takes his energy to withstand the new challenges from and is for all fans of the earlier book 100% recommendable.


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