Happy Easter!

Hey! So I want to show you something little I did as an easter present for some people and what I got today. 

First of all, we all do not like sweets that much in my family so we decided to do give the others something beside sweets and that is why I thought of this little easter bunnies and eggs in watercolor. If you want to do them for yourself, just fool around with Watercolor, try something you like but make it colorful and vivid. We want to let these things be tiny, so the  pattern needs to be tiny as well. The next step after letting all these things dry, is to use the white back to draw out the shapes and to scissor it. That is all you need to do, you can just some little things with a gel pen if you like but this is totally optional and also just recommandable, if you were not happy with the result beforehand.
Next is what I got… This wonderful sketchbook. It has this wonderful forest green with leaves and is made out of leather so it feels smooth. The little golden leave pendant makes it seem so dainty and ornamental. I love it. I just do not know when I will be ready to actually use it, you now this fear of the blank page…


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