The Palace Job (Rogues of the Republic Book 1)

  • review of the English Kindle version

“It sort of sounded like they were going to summon a daemon inside my vault, Kail.” “Well, we’re not wizards, Voyant. Who are we to say that it isn’t some completely harmless magical term—” “Kail?” “Yes, Voyant?” “Please stop snowing me.” “Yes, Voyant.” “I’m a much better liar than you are, and I hate to see it done badly.” “The captain really appreciates this, Voyant.” “That’s immensely reassuring, Kail.”

Weekes, Patrick. The Palace Job (Rogues of the Republic Book 1) (S.165). 47North. Kindle-Version

You know I love to go through the books in the Kindle sale and that is exactly where I found this book series.

In the first book, the main character Loch will try to form a rather uncommon team to steal something important. Though the biggest problem is how to actually steal it as breaking through one of these safes is considered impossible not to forget from who.

This book combines a team of different personalities, different backgrounds and different races united for the same cause: to steal a book. The author manages to capture different perspectives through this variety of characters. Also, I fell in love with the different characters and their development, their variety making it even easier to find someone to identify or laugh with. I also adore the sarcasm and funny dialog lines that were used in this book. As “The Palace Job” is the first book of this series it needs its time to introduce not only the world but also the characters. The part where Loch and Kail are recruiting stretches the book into length. Nevertheless, is this the only thing I can criticize about this book and can fully recommend it to everyone.

Happy Easter to you!


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