book review: Fangs & Fennel

“Good girl? Good girls get run over in life; you need to be a bit of a badass to make it in this world.”

The new book from Shannon Mayer arrived! (I am happy. Reading is the best thing to do when you are sick though I am just finishing this review two weeks later. Sorry!)

With the second book in the venom trilogy Shannon Mayer dives deeper into the world of the supernatural, more characters appear either trying to kill or help Alena. A lot of the happiness gets lost when Alena realizes that the new greek hero has shown up and tries to get her family and friends on his side, but also when she realizes that none of her friends believes that she can take care of herself, that she is not capable of handling the upcoming situations. Another big part of the story is the relation that humans have with the supernatural.

The style of Shannon just stays incredible and I love her for it, but I also need to add that there are not as many surprises and plot twists in this trilogy than she used in the Elemental Serie and I am missing this a bit. I think it is amazing how wonderful Shannon Mayer is with capturing little moments of the daily life and uses them in the characters in fictional environment. This is what makes her characters so easy to sympathize with and also so encouraging.
The only thing I dislike about this book is the synopsis placed on the outside. It reveals parts of the story that I wished would stay hidden.

In the end, I also love this book and do not regret buying it. It fulfills the most important function of a book: it makes you happy and motivated to do whatever you want to do!

I didn’t want to hurt anyone, I really didn’t. But I wasn’t going to let anyone take advantage of me anymore. I’d done it my whole life, let people walk all over me. Because it was the right thing to do. No more. I wasn’t going to do it anymore.


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