Book review: Pamela (Rylee Adamson Epilogues #3)

Sometimes, you have to be broken fully before you can heal.

You will have realized already how much I adore Shannon Mayers books (not without reason), so I have been thrilled to finally read Pamela, the last of the Rylee Adamson Epilogues.

First of all, look at the incredible cover! The only thing I criticize is the jeans, the rest is perfect.

I would advise having read Ash (The Elementals Series  #7) before starting with this book. In book nine and ten of the Rylee Adamson series, Pamela changed a lot and never had the time to actually be a child. This was the only way possible at the time. Now Shannon Mayer provides us an insight into Pamela’s mind and her feelings. As you may have already realized, this book is the starting point for the merge with the Elementals Series.

I love Pamela for her self-confidence, her intelligence and her struggle for the right way. In book 10 she was reminded of the importance of family and noticed the need to learn more to be able to protect her family. Pamela never seems too naive, she knows the darkness of the world after all she went through. I really felt with Pamela this time, there were parts where I enjoyed her happiness and then they were parts which I hoped would be different (crisscrossing your fingers in front of the book did not seem to help). I need to add that you cannot really consider the end of the book to be an ending. I mean what should I do with the tons of questions I still have? And as much as I know they are still gathered there and waiting for the explanations from each party. I still loved the book (that is the reason for the second qoute) and already want to read it again. Now I just stay thrilled for the sequel of Venom&Vanilla.

Because it’s the right thing to do. And sometimes, that is the only light in the dark – the right thing.


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