book review: Monster Hunter International

I was browsing through amazon when I saw a new book… Actually, I loved the german cover, the reason for buying the Englisch version was just because of the price (3,99€ against getting it for free…).

The book is about a gun nerd who starts monster hunting due to an unexpected encounter with supernatural monsters. What I loved the most, is the humorous writing style of the author (like when his new job gets described as a calling but more like getting the short straw). This is a nice change that I appreciate in books. I need to add, the german cover looks way better that the English one and the title is also better (that is why I used it as the picture). I started to like the characters, so mostly the monster hunters but also the rest. They all have a story and reasons for their behavior. The more I read the more I found myself loving the relation between the different characters and between the different groups (f.e. the little hate and rivalry between MHI and the government). First I thought they started the book series with a kinda overpowered enemy to go against but after reading the second one, do not worry, an enhancement is still possible.

I liked reading the book, it has a good and nice story that seems like a change. I can totally recommend this book but I am still unsure if I will read the third book or anyone that comes after that because the story is nice and all but I doubt that it really justifies the prize. Sometimes stories get dragged out too long and this is the time when you just stop reading.


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